Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bali Honeymoon Day 2: Kintamani Mount Batur, Tirtha Empul, Ubud Market, Tegalalang Rice Paddy Terrace

Bali Honeymoon Day 2: Kintamani Mount Batur, Tirtha Empul, Ubud Market, Tegalalang Rice Paddy Terrace

Our Balinese Honeymoon day two started with traveling to Kintamani to view the famous Mount Batur viewing in the morning. Traveling from Dreamland to Kintamani viewing site took us 3 hours mainly due to the heavy traffic. 

At Kintamani, we can see the beautiful Mount Batur from far. For your info, Mount Batur is an active volcano and near the volcano there is the Danau Batur lake which is the largest crater lake on the island of Bali. From far, we can see lorry ferrying the volcanic soil for commercial purpose. There are also villages built around the volcano. 

Then, we proceed to Tirtha Empul Temple which is located at the middle of the island, Ubud. Tirtha Empul Temple is a Hindu temple and famous for its holy water. The holy water sourced from the large spring water at the area. Most Hindu Balinese go there for purification with the holy water. The temple is a beauty itself, most of the structure is well maintained. Since it is a temple, skirts and shorts are now allowed, they will provide temporary yellow kilts. The holy water is as clear as crystal and there were many devotees cleaning themselves with the water. The Tirtha Empul Temple was built in 926 AD. 

We went to Tegalalang Terrace Paddy Field next. The beauty of Tegalalang terrace paddy field is the scenery. Most tourists would spend a few hours sipping coffee and tea at one of the coffee shops while enjoying the view. As we have little time to spend, we went back to Ubud town for shopping!

Shopping in Ubud is a different experience than in Kuta. Unlike Kuta, Ubud has specialty shops and unique café and restaurants. If I would compare, it has a slight similarity to Newtown in Sydney Australia. It wasn’t one of the best day of the year as it was raining so we had no choice but to end the day with shopping in Ubud before we went back to our lovely villa in Dreamland.

 It was packed day as we went to places like Kintamani, Tirtha Empul Temple, Tegalalang Terrace Paddy Field and Ubud town. It was another lovely evening spending our time together at beautiful Dreamland Luxury Villa and Spa. – Wilson Ng


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