Friday, July 8, 2011

Alleppey - Cochin

Stopover and shopping at the dry market
Day 5
We disembark from the houseboat and drive toward to Cochin (the colonial -era name) Kochi, its new name, is one and the half  hour drive from Alleppey. Kochi is often called by the name Ernakulam, which refers to western part of mainland Kochi.

Kochi was important spice trading centre on the Arabian Sea coast during the 14th century. Occupied by the Portuguese Empire in 1503 until 1530. The city was later occupied by the Dutch and then the British.

Kochi's literacy rate is 94% highest in India and a city with one of the largest Christian populations. Most of the time I spend my shopping in Jew Town, Kochi.

Kerala, India's most advanced society: A 100% literate people. World class health care systems. India's lowest infant mortality and highest life expectancy rates. the highest physical quality of life in India. Peaceful and pristine, Kerala is also India's cleanest State.

Joy and surprise that I have only discover 20% of my visit to this Kerala State of India. Nice experience and I will surely come back again.

Spice Shop
Handicrafts & Antique Shop
Jewellery and Souvenir Shop
Saree Shop
Souvenir Shop

Jew Town in Kochi
Leather Shop
Cotton  & Textile Shop


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