Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wine Tasting at Hunan - Jiugui Winery

Jiugui Winery

After our visit to the Former Residence of Chairman Mao Zedong at Shaoshan. And our next venture was visit to the " Jiu Gui " Winery.  We were given a brief introduction of the process of wine making of the Jiu Gui Wine. 

The Chinese language the general term for alcohol is " Jui". The name Jiu Gui literally means " drunkard "However, it is actually a distilled liquor, generally about 80-120 proof or 40-60 % alcohol by volume. 

The bottle is cute.
Made from : Distilled gorghum, glutinious rice, wheat and spring water in Hunan
Taste :  Distinctive smell and taste value in chinese culinary

The wine was the gold prize winner at the 1993 Winexpo in Bordeaux, France and winner for many others awards as well.

Price : RMB 980.00 per bottle ,   Alcohol level : 54%     Made: 20years

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