Monday, October 17, 2011

Amazing China

 "Le Xia Guo" ... An Amazing Place in China (落霞沟)

It is located in the southwestern part of KUNMING- Yunan in China , 2600 ft. above sea level, a remote area.

Because of its lack of  infrastructure, transportation problem, inadequate lodging facilities, ordinary travel agency would not think of going there.

Even the people living there are not so aware or familiar with its existing beauty. But for those who have seen the pictures of the Red Land, no one can resist being attracted to its beautiful scenery!

Just like a painting of a great magnificent landscape.

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The soil contains such components as oxidized iron and different kind of metallic minerals, after a long period of oxidation, gradually added and mixed in the soil that produced this extra-ordinary reddish brown soil

Here in this place, mountains and hills, every inch of land are cultivated and planted to maximum by the inhabitants. Consequently causing unwanted damage to the place...erosion.

Just like Taiwan, how long could this magnificent phenomenon exist? We do not know.That's why there is an advocacy of returning to forestry.

Dongchuan Red Land represents Yunnan mountain valley most attractive colours.

Excursion is the soul's relaxation and banquet. 

Crops on the Red Land include potatoes, oats, corn, oil flower vegetables. 
Different colour crops are so arranged when looking from afar it seem like 
God painted them on a cloth so full of gorgeous colour.

Every family was distributed with different size and shape of land. Each has its own preference kinds of crops that caused and produced this beautiful pieces of colours. During harvest time, the soil is shoveled up and makes this unusually red colour

I like the countryside farm scenery.

In September , white color oil flowers are in bloom on the whole 
mountain.It is a pity that they covered up the beautiful red color soil.
The best time for sightseeing tour is middle of November .

The whole mountain is like covering with a beautiful coloured cloth. 
How I wish to lie down enjoying the breeze and looking at the ever-
changing clouds in the sky.

Early in the morning, donkey-ridden cart full of harvest transporting 
to the town,while a few kids walking toward a different direction to school.

A melody kind of view.

Different seasons, different time, different sunlight, produce 
different kind of colors.

Just like a mixing colors plate so bright and splendid.

"Sunset is so beautiful but it is almost dark" The most 
dazzling color is before the sun sets.

Rare opportunity to see the burning clouds.

Bad temper donkey did not want to work with the bull, such uncoordinated
working partners. What type of farming and wondered why.

The poorer farmer used horse to take the place of donkey.
Different kinds of animals had different temperaments ,they 
were used together to control each other. If one of them 
refused to move, the other one would force it .

This method is to increase production . I think such ancient 

way could  only be seen here.

Clear sky with a rainbow after the rain

This hollowed place is the most distinct part of the land.
Later, in order to promote tourism it was named Lexiaguo (meaning - the place where beautiful color set).

A town in Lexiaguo

Lexiaguo is full of crops that its curves and lines were made so beautiful by the sunlight.

The curve-like crops' lines enhanced more clearly by the red soil.

In life,
sometimes we do not need to ask ourselves so many "Whys" just do what you think you want to do !!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wonders of India ( MITM - Special Promotion Packages)

Wonders of India [MITM Special Promo Packages]

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wine Tasting at Hunan - Jiugui Winery

Jiugui Winery

After our visit to the Former Residence of Chairman Mao Zedong at Shaoshan. And our next venture was visit to the " Jiu Gui " Winery.  We were given a brief introduction of the process of wine making of the Jiu Gui Wine. 

The Chinese language the general term for alcohol is " Jui". The name Jiu Gui literally means " drunkard "However, it is actually a distilled liquor, generally about 80-120 proof or 40-60 % alcohol by volume. 

The bottle is cute.
Made from : Distilled gorghum, glutinious rice, wheat and spring water in Hunan
Taste :  Distinctive smell and taste value in chinese culinary

The wine was the gold prize winner at the 1993 Winexpo in Bordeaux, France and winner for many others awards as well.

Price : RMB 980.00 per bottle ,   Alcohol level : 54%     Made: 20years

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a Crab

Hairy Crab (Chinese Mitten Crab)

Day 01 at Changsha

Most of us who visited China would like to taste the delicacy of local crabs. The best well known crabs are mitten crab or  hairy crab ( look alike of a spider) where you can find it almost all the restaurants here.

How to cook - for best delicacy of the hairy crabs prepare by steam for its freshness. Some would like to eat , dip with vinegar and consume with local wine.

It was understood the best breed of the mitten crabs or hairy crabs came from Jiangnan (Shanghai or Suzhou - Tai Lake ).Crabs in China has their own branding and label by the local crab breeders. So you can choose the hairy crab from their place of origin  and of course the price difference. What a crab!

Transit in Guangzhou Airport

We were boarding our flight from Guangzhou to Changsha (Hunan) with Mr Hasan Chan. 

" Note : Please beware while in  Guangzhou airport the main flight signage / display at departure hall A are too small to display all the flight information in detail. 

While we were on our return leg back to our home flight (transit in Guangzhou) , we relied the information given at the main signage on the departure hall. We are issued with the boarding pass without the boarding gate number.

The main signboard at the departure hall A, shown the boarding gate (display) number was Gate A10, and the actual boarding gate number was A108 (incomplete) due to limited space on the display board. That lead us to no where, end up some of  us used the mini car  service provider to the departure / boarding gate .

Mini Car Service Charge : RMB10.00 per person "

Welcome Dinner
Upon our arrival proceed to local restaurant for our welcome dinner.

[Branded Crab] Live hairy crabs(mitten crabs) with their own brand

Please don't ask me how to cook for this crap

Jerome Tan birthday fall on 24th. September, 2011

Birthday Boy

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Restaurant [front entrance] - night view

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